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Message 602419 - Posted: 12 Jul 2007, 17:48:40 UTC

The science of crunching climate models is little aired and a place to discuss this may be useful. What are climate models? What do they do or prove? Why crunch climate models?

I started in BOINC with crunching BBC climate, because it seemed like a fantastic idea to use my computer for something worthwhile, to do my bit. And anyway, I had no knowledge of SETI@Home or any other project then.

Now there are different types of climate models, like SAP (Seasonal Attribution Project) the first two of which I completed in 12 days on a dual core, 6 days each, whilst CPDN models can take months to complete.

What do I know about the science of climate modeling? Very little. How about you?

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Message 602439 - Posted: 12 Jul 2007, 18:39:38 UTC

Good idea.

Well... The details given on the CPDN website make for good interesting reading even if they are a little long.

There's also very good articles on the issues for Global Warming on the wikipedia site.

Keep searchin',

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