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Message 599220 - Posted: 5 Jul 2007, 20:51:54 UTC

Bird flu found near France-Germany border

PARIS, July 5 (UPI) -- Tests have confirmed that three swans found dead in France near the German border died of the H5N1 bird flu virus, which is dangerous to humans.

The tests, which revealed the second outbreak of H5N1 in France, led officials to raise the country's bird flu threat from moderate to high, the BBC reported Thursday. The elevated threat level causes domestic birds around the country to be kept from contact with wild birds.

The discovery follows a week of tests on wild birds in several locations in the eastern part of the country, the BBC said. The infected swans were discovered near Assenoncourt.

In 2006, H5N1 killed 62 wild birds in France.

The virus was found in June on two Czech Republic poultry farms. Outbreaks were reported in 2006 in 13 European Union countries, but none led to human deaths.

Worldwide, nearly 200 people died from the disease in 2006.

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Message 601651 - Posted: 11 Jul 2007, 6:22:18 UTC

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