Screenshot of my BoincSeti customization.

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Message 1822 - Posted: 25 Jun 2004, 11:16:26 UTC
Last modified: 25 Jun 2004, 11:17:59 UTC

First, I found the 'preferences' button in 'my account' page.
Clicked on the seti options. set the 'custom' option.

Then, I noticed I had new options now.

Set the background image to something from Astronomy picture of the day virgo_dss (saved it as a jpg to make it work)
Set the number of stars to 5000
Turned down the oscillation.
Set the graph grow/hold to 0 0
Selected the heads up display instead of pillars.

This is the background pic I used.
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Message 1836 - Posted: 25 Jun 2004, 11:54:12 UTC

loook nice ,small and beauty ;-)
[/url] [/url]
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Message boards : Cafe SETI : Screenshot of my BoincSeti customization.

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