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Message 531361 - Posted: 14 Mar 2007, 22:26:10 UTC

Slow day. Bob and Jeff are both out sick. I'm catching up on low-level stuff. Cleaned a few more wires out of the closet today. Eric's still playing with the new servers. Getting bruno on line is slow going. I'm deleting "ghosts" from the result directories - a process that would be much faster if we didn't have to keep rebooting kryten all the time. Then we need to copy those result directories over to bruno. Actually, that's happening now via rsync, and we'll rsync again one final time when we're ready. Actually Eric just called me over to look at this perplexing filesystem behavior - either caused by rsync or holding rsync up. Looking like the beginning of next week at least before anything exciting happens.

Our SnapAppliance had a drive failure last night. Nothing newsworthy there, really. It's a RAID system after all and behaved well. A spare is syncing up as I type. Eric had to reboot sidious this morning (selinux issues). Also no big shakes there, either.

Okay I promised I'd update the server status page. I just did - basically just adding the replica and updating a few specs. The server bruno is still not in use yet, but for the anxious, its specs are: 2 x 2.8GHz Xeon w/ 12GB RAM (it will be replacing a 6 x 400MHz Sparc w/ 6GB RAM).

Happy Pi Day, by the way.

- Matt

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Message 531536 - Posted: 15 Mar 2007, 2:55:49 UTC

Happy Pi Day to you too sir.
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Message boards : Technical News : Happy Pi Day (Mar 14 2007)

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