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Profile Jim Bell

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Message 21630 - Posted: 2 Sep 2004, 23:40:37 UTC

Despite having uploaded an image for my profile that is, in fact, less than 50KB, it is not displayed. Any ideas why? It is a 38.1KB .jpg...

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Pascal, K G
Volunteer tester

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Message 21705 - Posted: 3 Sep 2004, 3:42:27 UTC

HAve the same problem.....

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Profile Stephen Balch

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Message 21903 - Posted: 3 Sep 2004, 17:11:45 UTC

I understand this feature has, like several others, been turned of temporarily. Give them a chance to sort things out a bit, the new system is having some "teething" problems, but, after the very fast response to the SETI/BOINC-Win98 problem, I'm sure they are working on it. They have new hardware, new software, and a finite but very large number of user computers, of as many different configurations, to sort through.

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Profile Max Richir

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Message 23051 - Posted: 6 Sep 2004, 20:42:41 UTC

Stephen is right. This question has been asked several times ago. Then i think now the folks know there is a display bug. Keep waiting ;)
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Correctly sized photo doesn't display in Profile...

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