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j. kev

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Message 1610 - Posted: 25 Jun 2004, 1:45:09 UTC

This is my first shot at running the BOINC version
from a Win ME client. My account was transferred
over; I received the new account number/hash; but any
attempt to attach to my (first) project fails with
the error...

Master file fetch failed

... in the log file; and the error...

BOINC couldn't get main page for
Please check the URL and try again.

... in a pop-up window.

I use as the project
URL. No "cgi-bin", nothing else.

Is this merely server overload, or is something else
going on? It didn't say "server overload"; it said
it couldn't get there. What gives?
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Message 1613 - Posted: 25 Jun 2004, 1:51:13 UTC
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John McLeod VII
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Message 1621 - Posted: 25 Jun 2004, 2:06:22 UTC - in response to Message 1613.  

Ummmm. No. This is the old address, and has been changed, he was using the correct one the first time. Several possibilities. First, the servers may be overloaded. But if you cannot ping the url, then there may be a firewall/router/proxy with a bad setting in the way.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Master file fetch failure

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