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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Problems with boinc-4.05 client...

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Message 20374 - Posted: 31 Aug 2004, 13:27:10 UTC

I am experiencing weird behavior with this. In trying to understand it, I discovered three explicit problems.

1.) It does not seem to honor my Maximum Number of CPUs parameter. Mine is set to 4, but it sometimes runs more applications than that. I have seen it running 3 setiathome and 3 charmB120s at the same time. At other times, even though there are enough work units, it runs only 3 applications. Is this proper behavior, or a bug?

2.) If I try to run the client with

$ ./boinc_4.05_i686-pc-linux-gnu -run_cpu_benchmarks

it does not exactly work right. It starts one charmB120 and 5 processes about cpu benchmarks, but they just sit there doing nothing.

3.) While I believe I have download a climateprediction work unit and its program, it does not run, even if it is not running all 4 client applications. I wish the behavior of the scheduler were more clear.

Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Problems with boinc-4.05 client...

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