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Message 18578 - Posted: 28 Aug 2004, 2:14:51 UTC
Last modified: 28 Aug 2004, 2:26:27 UTC

Is ver 3.20 the same as ver4.x? I know this is probably a dumb question, but I cant find any new versions available other than 3.20, which I already have.
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NEVERMIND I found the answer in another post.
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Message 19384 - Posted: 29 Aug 2004, 21:00:39 UTC
Last modified: 29 Aug 2004, 21:01:26 UTC

3.x and 4.x series clients are not the same. The 3.x series clients will only connect to 3.x projects (currently only predictor and pirates). The 4.x client will only connect to 4.x projects - currently Seti and ClimatePrediction. The 4.x series client is available on the download pages from either 4.x projects.
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Where's Ver. 4.x??

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