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Message 18361 - Posted: 27 Aug 2004, 19:39:44 UTC

Here's a "silly" question... if the damn servers are down, how the f*** are we supposed to upload our finished WUs and get credit?

And who's brilliant idea was it to perform an upgrade on a Friday!?!?!? As the "head" tech for a telecom company, I know you NEVER, EVER perform "upgrades" or make other changes on a Friday if you don't absolutely have to!
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Message 18532 - Posted: 28 Aug 2004, 0:53:06 UTC - in response to Message 18361.  

Not just a question of getting the either mate. In there post sounded like none of the units will be accepted (all wasted) after the update even those not yet finished - there planning update to go ahead maybe soon as the schedulars are back. Maybe even before...
They say it'll force boinc to reset which means all the work units that you have ready to process will probly be lost. Thats happend before. I had about 3 days of work units on my pc that the boinc software refused to acknoledge existed after one of there errors.

Completely agree on the piss poor timing for a major update. I expect it will be down all weekend if not longer.
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Message 18749 - Posted: 28 Aug 2004, 13:46:39 UTC

I was asking myself if only I have troubles uploading and downloading work with the new BOINC software... Seems I switched to soon to the new platforn for SETI...
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