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Message 333348 - Posted: 10 Jun 2006, 23:53:35 UTC

What an eclectic team. So far it consists of... me.

I'd love to have some fellow optimists join me.

I drive a Mac, but I'm happy for people using Linux or Windows platforms to be in my group.

I live in Australia but I'd love to meet searchers from other countries too.

I love Star Trek, Dr Who, XFiles and Battlestar Galactica (especially the new one) and I like Stargate (though I haven't watched it much). I have a weakness for Lost In Space (with several theories about Dr Smith and his relationship to Don and the Robinson family) and I once had a lifesize portrait of the Robot painted on my bedroom door (I wonder what happened to that painting when my folks sold that house. I like to imagine it's still there). I love sci fi movies and books.

I'm a writer.
I like pets.

Most of all I've always pretty much assumed that there was life on other planets. As a kid I watched "Rod Rocket" and "Space Angels" (I know. This is really dating me). I just assumed that those blotchy markings on the face of the moon were the cities where the Space Angels lived.

I just assume that those stars up there, well some of them anyway, are suns under which other people tan themselves when they're on holidays, and I'd like to know which ones, so I can wave to them.
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Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : Ground Control would love more members

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