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David Murray

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Message 15915 - Posted: 20 Aug 2004, 22:24:54 UTC

I note that with the recent database problems all the messages and also all user profile information was lost.

It seems to me that it would make much more sense to have the community information (user profiles and message boards) located on a separate machine from the one which handles work units. I'm suggesting that seti use two separate databases.

That would reduce the load on the single database/machine that is used to handle work units; and if the network connection between the two boxes is fast enough there would be no drop in performance.

The net benefit should be a reduction in risk of loosing data when somethings go wrong - and things are going wrong on a very regular basis!

Twice now I have had to delete work units and reset the client due to major problems at the server end resulting in me not being able to return the workunits within the required timeframe.

I also suggest that the databases be backed-up daily with a fourteen day rotation of backup media until seti's reliability improves, and thence to a seven day rotation of backup media.

Your responses to these suggestions please.

David Murray

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : suggested improvement for seti-boinc

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