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Message 15424 - Posted: 11 Aug 2004, 11:16:42 UTC

I have not been awarded any credits from s@h classic or from boinc units completed, still got a big fat0, am I missing something???
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John McLeod VII
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Message 15449 - Posted: 11 Aug 2004, 13:26:14 UTC

The S@H1 stats only show on your personal stats page. They do not transfer to BOINC credits.

The reason that you have not gotten any credit from S@H BOINC is that all results have to be verified by validating against two other results for the same WU. In normal times, the wait for the other two results to be sent back can be anything from 0 (you are the last one) to a couple of months (people are not sending the results in on time). At the moment, the verifiers and the transitioners at S@H are off while they are being migrated to a faster machine and optimized. I believe that they will probably be back on sometime this week, hopefully for more than a few hours like they have been the last couple of times.

In short, this is a new project, and is having some teething trouble.

While the load was expected, the various ways that the servers broke under the load was not expected.
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : I have no credit at all

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