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Message 234850 - Posted: 21 Jan 2006, 13:32:49 UTC

Dear colleagues.
I have a strong workstation not connected to Internet.
I'd like to use it for computations for SETI@HOME.
I have other computers connected to Internet for sending results.
For exaple: I'd like to receive 30-50 workunits, load them to "strong workstation", computate them and copy results to another workstation which connected to Internet and send results to server.
Please help me how I can make this procedure?

Thanks for all

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Message 234854 - Posted: 21 Jan 2006, 13:37:01 UTC


Sorry if this will not work. A workunit that is send to a host needs also to be crunched by that host, otherwise the result of it will be rejected by the server at Berkeley.
Read the News at the homepage
Have a look at the Technical News
Look if your question is not answered at the Boinc Wiki

Best greetings, Thierry
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Gareth Lock

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Message 235612 - Posted: 22 Jan 2006, 9:39:05 UTC
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If the "strong workstation" in question is in the same location as the internet capable boxes, wouldn't it just be easier to LAN one of these internet capable boxes to "strong workstation" and allow "strong workstation" to upload/download it's own work?

But... To confirm Thierry's reply, transfer of WUs from machine to machine like you are suggesting cannot be achieved due to the number of people who cheated under the classic system in exactly this way.

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