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Message 13923 - Posted: 5 Aug 2004, 7:10:08 UTC

"August 4, 2004
We discoverd that the sheer number of files in the upload directory was killing NFS performance for the file_upload_handler."

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Message 13957 - Posted: 5 Aug 2004, 10:58:44 UTC - in response to Message 13923.  

on the first time reading, I was thinking the same.

If I'm not completely wrong, NFS stands for Networking File System, a part of the unix "architecture".

I presume your are using a m$ Windows based pc, windows2000 or xp.

There you got also a file sysem, called NTFS, the New Technologie File System from MS.
This is for "harddisk" If you put a cd or a dvd in your reader, then the
CDFS has to do.

Older OS/2 PCs used the hpfs (high performance fs)

Under unix, doing a kind of "share", can made under NFS.
It's not a very new, but mature technique.

(in our company we where running nfs for software delivery for about 3500 m$ PCs. it was stable, but expensive, under M$ must be installed additional services to see a "folder" provided via NFS from the unix.)

under native unix, the nfs is "build in" and used "as a simple way how unix can connect an other unix system. In a way like a share under m$

I'm understanding (so far) from the message, we ugly user made so much uploads
to the (upload-) directory, that the NFS get "hammered" und the performance broken.

well, in need for speed, in the pursuite mode, how calling in english, when all the police cars are "following you", finaly you get into the nearly same busy situation.., I know it's not a very good comparasion, but can help to clear up.
We are accessing ucb trough the web, we don't have to know about NFS, it's technical inside, belongs to server-server communication


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