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Message 13527 - Posted: 3 Aug 2004, 23:26:19 UTC

I have noticed, and I could be wrong, but the website
has picked up a tad more speed. Also during the night
managed to upload 4 wu's, still not able to get any
work. I know this may not be of any consolation to anyone, just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same...

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Message 13539 - Posted: 4 Aug 2004, 0:31:46 UTC - in response to Message 13527.  

Yep your right.

Slept 8 hrs, and now things are slowly picking up. Members of my team say they are slowly uploading work units, and a few are starting to get 1 or 2 download as well.

The bottleneck WILL work itself out.

One of the interesting things that has not helped with this bottle neck is method of "Retry upload". A fast machine could EASILY have 50 work units to upload when its cache is full for a 5-7 days and there has been no connection time. One issue that could be changed is EACH work unit gets its own INDIVIDUAL retry time. So that machine has 50 DIFFERENT retry times. BOINC delays each say about 1 hour... but in effect that is still 50x server tries to upload per hour (instead of say just once). Multiply that 50 by how many hosts there are... and you have a HUGE server request load.

Simple response would be to set ALL request for upload of work after a failure to the "x hours x min x sec". Effectively reducing your load by the number of work units per hour per hosts.

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Message 13542 - Posted: 4 Aug 2004, 0:37:59 UTC

I had over 200 WU's to upload when they finally went back online, I've managed to get about half of them uploaded and reported also since last night. It's been a really slow process but they are getting done 1 by 1 I guess..

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