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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Need Help. User Logo. Fails To Download

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Message 13409 - Posted: 3 Aug 2004, 4:45:38 UTC

I posted earlier this week about failure to download
user_logo. This has been a really annoying problem.
This has been happening for more than a week now.
Got a couple of replies..."it will work it's way out of queue"and "could be server is busy".I don't know though, my machines contact the sever pretty often to upload finished results and to download new problem there.'s this darn user_logo_thing that has gotten under my I am asking
for some help in clearing this up. I located
the line in the client_state.xml file for
user_logo, can I simply edit out the info
there or will I screw my project up?
And what exactly is the user_logo?
Is it the graphic logo that shows in the windows
client when you display the graphics?
I realy need help on this one.
I run BOINC/SETI on a Linux platform at
home using work I run on Windows98SE.
I run my Linux day and not able to do
so at work...just wondering, could I somehow
copy my workunits from 98SE and copy them
into my Linux version of BOINC...have got 30
wu's at work...that's a lot wu's and credits,
and just junk running the project at work, having considered running pirates at work...and seti at home....
have snipped part of the client_state.xml for
the viewing.....any suggestions and help would
be more than greatly appreciated...thanks in
advance..xi3...apologies for such a long post.



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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Need Help. User Logo. Fails To Download

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