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Petit Soleil

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Message 12184 - Posted: 25 Jul 2004, 3:07:40 UTC
Last modified: 25 Jul 2004, 3:09:24 UTC

Hi everybody !

Sorry for posting this here I know it's off topic and I should have posted it in the help
section but it will be faster here.

When I want to run boinc I open terminal and type
cd /boinc ENTER
./boinc ENTER

What I would like to do is create a script file to launch boinc from
the finder. I know I have to create a text file and save it with .command extension but
I don't know what to write in the text file it self.

I have tried
cd /boinc ./boinc
but it's not would have been too easy.
There's something missing to make it work on one line.

Another thing I would like to do eventually is to lauch boinc at startup as a service. I would
like it to run for all users (currently two) and invisible if possible. Meaning that I could see
it running only by looking at the process view.

If it's not possible I could at least put it in the "launch item" folder but it would run just on
one users.

Thanks for the help.

Best regards
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Coy Wagoner

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Message 12231 - Posted: 25 Jul 2004, 6:02:48 UTC - in response to Message 12184.  

well, i have a partial solution. it's partial because sometimes the script doesn't launch for me.

cd /path to boinc folder

keep me posted. you could always download a functional script and just modify the code inside with textedit. for example, someone has some seti/folding scripts for download. i can't remember, but i think versiontracker lists them.

good luck. not sure why mine doesn't work at times.
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Message 12273 - Posted: 25 Jul 2004, 8:51:42 UTC - in response to Message 12231.  

Slightly different here:

I use a script file with:

cd /path_to_boinc_folder
./boinc >> boinc.log &

This redirects the output to a log file. The >> ensures it appends to, rather than replaces the log file, and the '&' tells it to run in the background.

This means that it will carry on running even when you are logged out or another user is logged in.

I stick the 'ps' line in, just to check that it launched OK.

If you want to see the last few lines of the log, type:

tail boinc.log


tail -n 50 boinc.log

for the last 50 lines.

If you need to stop boinc, type


and note the PID number, then type

kill nnnn

where nnnn is the PID number
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Petit Soleil

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Joined: 17 Feb 03
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Message 12355 - Posted: 25 Jul 2004, 17:39:10 UTC

Thanks to both of you.
I had adopted idfitter solution. it works fine.

Best regards
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