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Message 12138 - Posted: 25 Jul 2004, 0:11:01 UTC

hello all,
i can't add a picture to my profile, i select it but it does not appear.. Is there a delay for picture or is it a bug? It's not so important but you know how we are...

thanks for your answer

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Message 12399 - Posted: 26 Jul 2004, 16:21:55 UTC
Last modified: 26 Jul 2004, 16:45:24 UTC

oops, sorry. Messed up adding pictures within the profile with pictures added to the signature.
I have not created a profile so I can just give some guesses: Did the filename appear in the dialog box? Is it smaller than 50 kB and of type jpg/png?

[edit] Just tried myself; the picture is indeed disappearing. It does not matter if you use a local file or a link to a picture located on a http-server. Looking at the profile again the filename has disappeared from the dialog-box. Seems to be a feature not working... at least I don't see a picture when looking at my profile.

</p>Getting no work from Boinc...
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : my picture in profile

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