where completed wu's-/wheres wu's to be done?

Questions and Answers : Windows : where completed wu's-/wheres wu's to be done?
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Message 10675 - Posted: 21 Jul 2004, 11:44:51 UTC

Have completed 14 or so wu's-not listed and am unable to recieve new wu's-I swiched to "Boinc" because Seti Classic would not down/up load units-
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Message 10689 - Posted: 21 Jul 2004, 11:58:02 UTC
Last modified: 21 Jul 2004, 11:58:40 UTC

Once a WU is reported, it does not stay inside the GUI.

There will be a possibility to view all the WU's that have been processed as well as the WU's with pending credit in the future. This will be available on the website in "Your Account" under Account Statistics/ Pending credit and Results. Both are for the moment not available.

If you'd like to keep in an easy way a list of all your processed WU's, you can download BoincLogX here.

Downloading WU's for the moment is temporarily not possible as there are problems with the server at Berkeley. Hope this will be resolved ASAP.

Greetings from Belgium.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : where completed wu's-/wheres wu's to be done?

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