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Message 10336 - Posted: 20 Jul 2004, 14:42:28 UTC

BOINC 3.20
Seti@HOME 3.08
P4 2.66 1Gb XP

I customised the graphical settings and now I can't seem to get any setting to make the graph work as it did originaly, grow in relation with the computations (fast fourier transforms). It will stick to the settings that are in the custom section and draw in an exact time- even if switching back to 'seti clasic' grachic presets.

I've tried setting to 0 in either or both 'Graph Grow' and 'Graph Hold' times which has inproved slightly but not as well as the original graph, and not near the original Seti classic program.

Is there anyway to fix this?
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Message 11343 - Posted: 22 Jul 2004, 15:27:11 UTC
Last modified: 22 Jul 2004, 17:43:51 UTC

What can be done is the following.

Set the preferences back to S@H Classic. After this, in the GUI, you need to do an "Update" in the tab "Projects". You need to check in the tab "Messages" that your preferences have been updated. As long you do not see this message, your changed settings will not be updated on your PC. Eventually, you will need to close the client, start it again and do an update again.

Once your new settings are updated, you can go back to change your preferences and customize them.

Hope this helps

Greetings from Belgium.
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Computation related graph growing

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