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Message 10182 - Posted: 20 Jul 2004, 4:49:42 UTC

1. A Server Status page that actually tells us the current status of the server(s) ... Up? Down? Busy? Out of work units? What??? When? How long?

2. Show the users current rank on the user's account page.

3. Enable the Pending and Results pages.

4. A more simplified count of units processed. All this crap about Recent Averages and Credits should all be thrown overboard in favor of a simple count of work units completed.

5. A more simplified method of simply downloading a specified number of work units instead of all this crap of trying to calculate based on bogus benchmarks and disk space and queues of work units.

6. A simplified 'back-off' algorithm of incrementing the time to retry after a failure to get work units... instead of this crap of trying, and incrementing until it is days until it will even try again. At least provide an option or a switch to retry immediately.

7. Have the ability to move and process unprocessed work units from one computer to another, especially when there is often a shortage of work units and some computers, on a lan for instance, may have many yet to be processed and others have none.

8. A seti_boinc client that will compile cleanly on Linux and better instructions on how to build it... or precompiled clients at least reasonably optimized for the main architectures or platforms other than windows. And how about a 'most current stable source code version', labeled as such.

9. A GUI interface and/or screensaver for Linux would be nice.
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Message 10486 - Posted: 21 Jul 2004, 1:22:50 UTC
Last modified: 10 Aug 2004, 20:48:40 UTC

Yes a server info page would be a good idea. After all they did have it on the classic system. It would make all this messing around looking at the BOINC messages more revealing. The messages just give you facts, what about the reasons!

I do think basing the credit recieved on the capabilities of the machine/s you are using is a good idea. The old system with just the completed WU totals was weighted too much towards the teams and multiple machine setups.

I'm just running one machine here 24/7 churning through WUs as I'm doing other things. So I do believe that the new credit system as far as I can see it should put everyone who participates on an even playing field based on the setups they are using.

As for Linux, I don't use it, so I can't pass comment.
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