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Clarence R. Isaacks II

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Message 9714 - Posted: 19 Jul 2004, 11:51:46 UTC

I am now running BOINC and have completed 3 work units in the past 24 hours. I keep getting a ' No work available' message from the server. Why the waste of time???? I now have two cpu's not doing anything..............
Was more efficient when old SETI 3.0.8 was running alone!!!!!
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Profile Thierry Van Driessche
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Message 9726 - Posted: 19 Jul 2004, 12:19:26 UTC
Last modified: 20 Jul 2004, 11:58:35 UTC

I'm asking myself each time when there are no WU's to download why so much people are either upset or angry or impatient.

When I'm looking to some posts talking about the start of S@H Classic some 5 years ago, the situation we know now with Boinc/S@H is much better compared to what it was when S@H Classic started.

Everybody is in the same situation when there are no WU's to download. Everybody has to wait. I do not understand why this situation is a waste of time. I consider it as a gain of money: my PC is running at that moment consuming less power. Of course, I will be happy also once I can continue "looking for Seti".

Just a way of thinking.

Greetings from Belgium.
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Message 9730 - Posted: 19 Jul 2004, 12:28:25 UTC

There is nothing you can do if there is no work, either go back to seti classic for a while or do predictor@home.

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