credits, credits, how can I get into control?

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Message 9614 - Posted: 19 Jul 2004, 5:28:17 UTC


I would like to know how my boxes are doing. Classic seti was good indicator if all is OK: by checking average I've been able to find a number of problems.

Since two weeks ago over half of my Seti power
is doing BOINCed seti. Over 40/day classic.
All on linux.

I guess one WU is about 30 credits. This being correct,
I've been awarded some 30% of WUs, with average 300 credits.

All my boinc logs are kept, so counting
uploaded/downloaded WUs is easy.

I would like to know, if all is OK with my boxes.
Difference between proposed and granted credits would
tell me quite a lot.

As credits are based on benchmark: by browsing around
host stats, I goot a feeling that linux boxes are
having lower numbers as Windows one. Might be with a
way how multitasking works? If this is so, then I am
allways lower as other two. Am I? Shall I patch boinc
to report 10% more ;-)? Are two windows crunchers
unhappy if I do third WU?

Some proposals:
- Please add suggested credits into logs.
I do not want to patch boinc on my own.
Can I calculate this from log data?

- Please limit queue to few days. It makes 3 faster,
and we get more realistic stats. My setting is 5 days,
(a weekend + time to fix problem), but it is mostly
one day long. Who keeps those WUs uncrunched for 10 days?

- Please add "wu crunched/wu credited" into private
pages and stats files.

BR, 73

Iztok, S52D

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Message boards : Number crunching : credits, credits, how can I get into control?

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