BOINC Dial-up Issues

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : BOINC Dial-up Issues

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Alistair Simpson
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Message 9460 - Posted: 18 Jul 2004, 20:16:27 UTC

It would be nice if I could specify an active BOINC network access time so that it would only dial up at my off-peak call rate times.

Also - "ask before connection" function does not work - always autodials regardless, which is a pain especially at Windows logon. If it could remember "Disable BOINC Network access" state then this should fix this problem. Currently using BOINC 3.20, Windows98.

Also would be good to be emailed whenever the BOINC client is updated.

Profile Jaaku
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Message 9465 - Posted: 18 Jul 2004, 20:23:54 UTC

If its getting to annoying unplug the cable from your wall that will stop it, until they fix it :). Mine doesn't send it without me telling.

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : BOINC Dial-up Issues

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