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Message 9402 - Posted: 18 Jul 2004, 16:26:57 UTC

This new program stinks. I've been waiting for 12 hours to get a work unit. Classic was better run, at least there I would have received and processed 2 wu's in the amount of time I have done nothing with BOINC. If this is how it works, why did they switch? After 5 years of running SETI on my computer, I might have to give it up. As will many other users. Please fix the problem.

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Message 9430 - Posted: 18 Jul 2004, 19:20:29 UTC
Last modified: 18 Jul 2004, 19:33:14 UTC

Right click on seti@home and click update, this is in the BOINC screen... BOINC will then reconnect and try to dl WUWUs, are you using the correct URL. I have just had 13 WUWUs downloaded. BOINC works great if you set it up per the instructions.... Learn More

Bah!!! I am in it for the money

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Questions and Answers : Getting started : No Work Units

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