Can I run both SAH Classic & SAH BOINC?

Questions and Answers : Getting started : Can I run both SAH Classic & SAH BOINC?
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Message 9390 - Posted: 18 Jul 2004, 15:51:20 UTC

Ok, I am not a tech. I have been running SAH since the first month. I have 1687 WU's crunched on my single little PC. I have a dial up connection. I will go to the Forums when I have a problem uploading data. I did not know if I should d/l BOINC but today I got the impression that Classic will end very soon. I do not want to stop crunching.

Do I have to uninstall Classic in order to run BOINC? Am I going to be able to run this new program with very little thought or action on my part? Should I stay with Classic until I am forced off? I really do not know what I am/should be doing here. I just want to send my stuff in 2-3 times a day like I have been...

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Message 9404 - Posted: 18 Jul 2004, 16:30:08 UTC

I downloaded the new program today and have been waiting for 8 hours to get my first wu. I didn't remove the classic, as the new BOINC will replace the screen saver. The trouble is that you don't get wu's that often.
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Questions and Answers : Getting started : Can I run both SAH Classic & SAH BOINC?

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