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Questions and Answers : Getting started : don't understand

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Message 9359 - Posted: 18 Jul 2004, 13:23:16 UTC

I installed the new seti version..BOINC...but i do nit see anything like an active grapphic as do not know if it is working

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Message 9360 - Posted: 18 Jul 2004, 13:37:23 UTC
Last modified: 20 Jul 2004, 11:58:13 UTC

There is an owners manual here.

Just point with the mouse over the WU that is in process in the tab "Work" of the GUI. When you use the right mouse click, you will see appearing "Show Graphics".
There is also a screensaver that is installed. You must change the default setting of blank screen, set at 0, to a different value.

Greetings from Belgium.

Questions and Answers : Getting started : don't understand

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