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Message 9040 - Posted: 17 Jul 2004, 14:38:29 UTC

Please consider adding a function that controls when, how long, and how often BOINC will dial-up.

For example:
* Dial only b/w the Hours A:BC & X:YZ
* Discount after X minutes
* Dial no more than Y times per day

The reasons:
* Shared Lines (Fax & Computer)
* Overage charges of a Limited ISP Account
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Message 9073 - Posted: 17 Jul 2004, 18:01:44 UTC

Yea, they could do that and it would help dial-up users, but they are doing other things so if they do diside to impliment your ideas it will not come soon! :(

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : More Control Over Dial-Up

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