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Message 8400 - Posted: 15 Jul 2004, 19:12:10 UTC
Last modified: 15 Jul 2004, 19:17:10 UTC

Ok here is what I think could improve seti@home/boinc
At current boinc calculates time till completion for new work units by means of cpu tests and some info in the workunit itself. This is not vary precise as I myself have found out recently.
Now my idea is to let boinc remember the completion time of the 50 most recent completed workunits. These times are real times not guesses. By averaging this 50 results you will get an accurate estimate of the work units on your pc.
with this boinc can accurately download the right amount of units for the time specified in your preferences.
Of course for some people just starting with boinc this will not yet work. For this seti@home on boinc should be pre-programmed with 50 results with a time of lets say 10 hours per workunit. Then when the person completes more and more workunits the estimate will approach the correct value.

this will also make the cpu test now avalible in boinc unneccesary

Well I hope you people understand and think this is a good thing.
If something is not understood please reply and I will try to explain even better

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : better complition time estimates

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