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Gary Little

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Message 119701 - Posted: 6 Jun 2005, 4:30:42 UTC

To whom it may concern at the Seti@Home project,

I have been running your seti@home software on my various machines since I first found out about you some 6 years ago. While I am not nearly as large a producer as your big time contributors, I have piled up nearly 18000 hours of computing time since I first started crunching numbers for your project. The fact of the matter is that your software made it very easy to contribute to the cause and nearly forget about it. That, in a nutshell, is the problem now. I have been running the seti@home software for years and on several home built machines. I simply loaded it on to the newest machine and let it go. Unfortunately, over the years, I switched internet providers as well. So now that the BOINC software is becoming the standard, and I need to create a new account, I find that in order to receive credit for my past contributions, I need to either have my old email account, or the password I used to create the original account, (which I am still using as I write this email), to continue to crunch those numbers for you. Unfortunately I have neither the old email account, nor do I remember the old password which I used way back then. It seems silly to me that I cannot receive the credit which I have earned over these last 6 years simply because I no longer remember a password. Surely you are able to look at your files and see that I am still sending you data which my computer has compiled for you. And surely you can see that I have a credit of nearly 18000 hours.I have my user name, data units completed, as well as the exact ammount of computer time spent combing through millions of bytes of information. That , it seems to me, would be a combination of info which could be used as a key to verify that I am who I claim to be.

If anyone else out there has a solution, please feel free to let me know.


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Pascal, K G
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Message 119808 - Posted: 6 Jun 2005, 14:56:14 UTC
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All I can tell is try
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Questions and Answers : Web site : Receiving credit for my previous 6 years' contributions

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