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Gaylon Tiry

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United States
Message 117507 - Posted: 2 Jun 2005, 10:40:24 UTC

This may not seem very important to other people but I am partially color blind and the yellowish print on the white background is literally impossible for me to read. Out of the thousands of participants in the S.E.T.I. program, surely I'm not the only one with this problem! I would appreciate any suggestions that you may have. Thanks, Gaylon Tiry.
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Volunteer developer

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Message 117997 - Posted: 3 Jun 2005, 8:49:47 UTC
Last modified: 3 Jun 2005, 8:51:36 UTC

Most browsers have an option to define an additional set of colors to use instead of those defined on the website. For instance mozilla can be setup (edit->preferences->appearance->colors) to display websites in pure black/white which gives the best possible contrast. Any other set of colors can be defined and used instead.

In this case you would only need to redefine the link style to use another color than yellowish.
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Questions and Answers : Web site : New web site design

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