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Message 116846 - Posted: 31 May 2005, 14:54:03 UTC

I am part of the 'ITT' team. The personal totals were not transfered from the original webpage correctly. Why do I not have my correct credits? Thanks.

Profile Thierry Van Driessche
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Message 116848 - Posted: 31 May 2005, 15:03:42 UTC
Last modified: 31 May 2005, 15:04:21 UTC

Do you mean by this the WU's crunched for S@H Classic?

If so, they have been transfered on the 15th of May as you can see in "Your account"

SETI@home classic workunits
as of 15 March 2005 18,434
SETI@home classic CPU time
as of 15 March 2005 155,674 hours

A final snapshot of the S@H Classic stats will be done once Classic will shut down.

Read the News at the homepage
Have a look at the Technical News
Look if your question is not answered at the Boinc Wiki

Best greetings, Thierry

Questions and Answers : Web site : Team mate totals

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