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Message 114047 - Posted: 23 May 2005, 6:05:48 UTC

I have 2 pc's running BOINC & 1 running Classic. When I view my BOINC pc's in the team & click Show my IP address, 1 shows the internal IP & the other shows the public IP. Why is this? I am hoping that I alone can see these IP addresses. Don't know how to check for sure.
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Message 114055 - Posted: 23 May 2005, 7:34:30 UTC
Last modified: 23 May 2005, 7:50:07 UTC

Your computers are hidden, so I can't see anything at all, not even what type of computer you are using or your operating system. The information you see in your own menu is always visible to yourself, but not to others unless you choose to. And your IP address in never shown, even if you DO make your info public. This is true if you go through the team page as well. Click on my name and you'll see that even though my computer is public, you still can't see my IP address. Only I can. Then click on this user and you'll see what your profile looks like to the rest of us. It says 'hidden' instead of 'view computers'.

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