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Message 108804 - Posted: 8 May 2005, 6:02:06 UTC


I don't think that someone ever requested that so i didn't read other posts... got big exams tomorrow... Sorry if its there...

It's been two years I've had seti@home but running on an old computer.... I've been running it since december 2004 on a latest tech pc and now when i wanted to check the amount of time users in my country devoted to seti, I realised my country isn't listed! When I checked my profile, I'm listed as being in Reunion island... Guess I put Reunion 2 years ago cause It was the closest country to mine! So here it goes... I am NOT in Reunion...I'm in MAURITIUS and i'd appreciate if you could please add my country in your list of countries and notify all seti@home members as, like me, many could have chosen another country to make up for the absence of MAURITIUS in the list... I'd really like to give appropriate credits to my country so if you could then shift me and the other Mauritians processing time to 'Mauritius' that would be just fine & fair!

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Reuben - 19 (nearly 20) - Student - University of Mauritius - 2065 hours devoted to seti... huh... actually 2075 but the last 10 hours data won't be sent due to the cogent prob I guess- Cannot find server: error(-16,0)
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Questions and Answers : Web site : Add a new country: Mauritius

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