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Message 100882 - Posted: 18 Apr 2005, 22:01:41 UTC

I just spent like 30min creating a new thread on the forum page just for it to tell me when I submitted it that I was not logged on. I then logged on and was faced with a blank page all over again!!!!

I tried to hit the back button on the web browser to try to save my text and it was gone...

Please have the forum verify that the person is logged on before it allows the user to post a new thread or reply to a thread. I had really put a lot of thought in to my post and really dont have time to do it again.


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Message 102945 - Posted: 23 Apr 2005, 11:37:07 UTC

Yeah, I had this same thing happen to me on here. Very annoying.
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Pascal, K G
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Message 102963 - Posted: 23 Apr 2005, 14:28:07 UTC

You ever hear about Ctl c?
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Message 102994 - Posted: 23 Apr 2005, 16:21:27 UTC

You were logged on as you need it to create a thread or post an answer, but AFAIK when there is no activity of the account in a certain time frame on the webpages, that account is automatically logged of.

An easy way to avoid the problem is first edit your post in Word or any other text editor and then make a copy and paste.
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Questions and Answers : Web site : Very frustrated!

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