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Questions and Answers : Web site : stats are not going up

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Message 98778 - Posted: 14 Apr 2005, 17:58:30 UTC

For 3 days now my stats have stayed at 58.0 total credit. But when I check it with the boinc manager I have 685.84 total credit. This changes every time I turn in a WU But my stats haven't changed in 3 days. What gives. I think I'll have to go back to classic until this stuff gets sorted out.

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Message 98780 - Posted: 14 Apr 2005, 18:05:38 UTC

Quote from Zain Upton's post:

Hello SETI Community,

Let me clear up a few things here.

"There are many ways to skin a cat" - anon.

Most of the poignant points have been brought up here already. I am getting about 10 emails a day now saing "Your stats are BUGGY". I am sure Willy, Neil, Toby and a few others are as well *smile*.

MOST (and its not ALL) of the stats sites rely on the BOINC Project XML that is created. SETI creates a series of XMLs and stores them in the /stats/ directory. Most of the external stats sites check to see if these files are new (checking hourly) and when they ARE new downloads them and then processes them.


* SETI currently only updates THEIR XML once a day (some other projects do it more frequently)

* YOUR stats (by clicking in Your account or your name link) are REALTIME... so there may be a delay factor until your current to the minute totals appear in the XML files (and hence in the statistics on external sites)

* Stats on external sites REALY on the XML files and are HENCE NOTE REAL TIME.

That said, there does seem to have been an issue with the XML udpating properly the last few days. I know the developers have been working on a new version of the client side servers, so MAYBE something has changed!

What everyone is noticing is their numbers just arent adding up.

Now why are SOME sites still working?

Well thats easy too. Some sites STILL download the HTML pages (like this page) and suck the information out of those to fill their databases! Its a horribly inefficient way of doing it... and one the BOINC developers discourage. There is only one advantage of this... you can get REAL TIME stats. Big disadvantages though including down ALL web pages for everyone else (and big bandwidth issues).

Take Digger for example (since he posted recently)

His profiles says the following (REAL TIME STATS)
SETI@home member since 23 Mar 2005
Total credit 2,057.00

The current XML says this (THE OFFICIAL XML DUMP in /stats/)

United States

And my stats pages say this (note the LAST XML update time is 16 hrs ago!)
BOINC XML Data last updated: Tue 12 Apr 19:11:19 2005 GMT (16.80 hours ago.)
Total credit: 1,711.84 results

So you can see... many things are contributing here... BUT the XML stats do match the stats on my external page (and if you check also on etc)

I hope this clears up a few things... and am more than happy to answer anyones questions regarding these matters.

Might I just add as a final note... EVERYONE here is in BOINC for the long term. If some stats are out for a few hours its not THAT big a deal. Once daily updates of the XML is a valid thing considering how CPU intensive it is for SETI (thats SETI servers, not my servers). Its not THAT crucial to get up to the minute stats when your crunching for years!

Cheers from Sunny Albury NSW Australia,
Zain Upton

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Joined: 3 Apr 99
Posts: 20
Credit: 724,121
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United States
Message 98860 - Posted: 14 Apr 2005, 23:10:48 UTC

Thanks for the info. However when I posted this question even the numbers on my account weren't moving. But I just checked it and they are correct now. S Basically in the next day or so my stats on boinc stats and the other sites will change, right? I'm not ticked about it, and yes I'm in this for the long haul. I ran seti classic for 4 years. I'm am a little upset that I couldn't remember my password and now I can't bring my old account with me. I also liked the instant gratification I got on classic that the stats changed when I turned in a new WU. I also know there are still some bugs to be worked out. This is the reason I've waited so long to switch over completely. I'm sure you guys that switched early have been through worse so I guess I will just grin and bear it. Thanks agin for the info.

Questions and Answers : Web site : stats are not going up

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