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Message 94730 - Posted: 4 Apr 2005, 12:55:23 UTC


I'm courious by what kind of key is generated a list of Active members at Team info page?
I've browsed through some team info pages and there's total mess. Members aren't listed by Total credit nor Recent average credit. Not even by Member Date.


John McLeod VII
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Message 95095 - Posted: 5 Apr 2005, 0:54:11 UTC

They are currently listed by a rather arcane number - the S@H classic rank on May 14th of 2004.

For better stats you may wish to investigate some of the third party stats sites BOINC Stats and BOINC Synergy are the two that I have memorized. There are others.


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Message 95559 - Posted: 6 Apr 2005, 8:02:23 UTC

Hello Xenon,

I think the task distribution here at Boinc works fine:

The project teams does the science, the application coding, and they deliver the raw data for the statistics. They even include some rudimentary statistics on the site as well.

The eager community delivers all kind of statistics, banners, competition, name it, it's probably already there.

Gruesse vom Saenger

For questions about Boinc look in the BOINC-Wiki

Questions and Answers : Web site : Team status ? - total mess!

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