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Questions and Answers : Wish list : Groups vs Single computers

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Message 6804 - Posted: 12 Jul 2004, 5:05:42 UTC
Last modified: 12 Jul 2004, 5:06:11 UTC

My wish list is that the stats be listed by anniversary and use a separate list for groups and single computers. I am just one computer and I have no interest in joining a group. Its very annoying to have to go through all the groups just to find yourself.

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Message 6882 - Posted: 12 Jul 2004, 10:33:09 UTC

Listed by anniversary? What good would that be?

Why are you looking in the groups (teams?) for your personal stats? Just look in "Top participants", or "Top computers".

<a> [/url]

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Message 6892 - Posted: 12 Jul 2004, 10:56:14 UTC

I agree with Heffed, Your not in a group so why are you looking in groups??? :s

Questions and Answers : Wish list : Groups vs Single computers

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