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Message 6546 - Posted: 11 Jul 2004, 15:55:46 UTC

Are there any graphical clients for BOINC under Linux, like KSetiWatch was one for the classic SETI@Home?
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Message 6570 - Posted: 11 Jul 2004, 17:15:25 UTC
Last modified: 19 Jul 2004, 9:19:18 UTC

From the main page ( click on "participate in seti@home", then click on "BOINC add-on software", and you'll find the links there.

There's not much available yet, but no doubt as more people get here from seti 1 more will be developed.

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Message 9661 - Posted: 19 Jul 2004, 9:08:26 UTC

on the Dutch Seti@Home site are some of these programs.

you can find there: BOINCGui 0.4 Linux (the site of the maker of this program is in english)

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Message 12646 - Posted: 27 Jul 2004, 9:49:26 UTC

Ksetiwatch will be modified to support the BOINC S@h client. Please give me some time to figure out the new behaviour of the client.


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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : graphical clients?

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