Run BOINC manually from Mac OS X dock? (not automatically)

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Message 83361 - Posted: 2 Mar 2005, 23:27:53 UTC

Hello. I use Mac OS X (10.3.8) on multiple systems (desktops and PowerBooks) and my question is about BOINC (4.19).

I have used SETI@Home software for years, but do not run automatically, like a screen saver. Rather, I always click the SETI@Home icon in my dock to manually run the application when I am sure my computer will be sitting idle.

From what I am able to discern, if I understand correctly, BOINC needs to be activated via a command line function. Then, it runs itself automatically depending on whether the computer is being used.

I do not want to have it running automatically like this -- nor have to launch the terminal interface every time I wish to manually run BOINC.

How can I set up BOINC to have a dock icon to manually click, just like I do now with my current SETI@Home application? (With your reply, please keep in mind that I have little experience with command line functions).

Thanks for your help.
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Message 83790 - Posted: 8 Mar 2005, 4:35:39 UTC

There's a new GUI for Boinc called Deep Thought. Its free. You can find it at:

It has a preference that you can start Boinc on application launch, or not, so you can start it manually. In addition, you can run multiple Boinc projects and are not limited just to SETI as you are in SETI@Home.

I've been using it, and it seems to work very well.


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Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Run BOINC manually from Mac OS X dock? (not automatically)

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