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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Firefox login problem ?

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Message 5328 - Posted: 8 Jul 2004, 18:33:52 UTC

I've got a login problem with Mozilla Firefox.
All other browsers I've tried seem to work fine (Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla, Opera) but Firefox won't let me login to the site.

I enter my ID and click the submit button, firefox starts to load somestuff but returns me to the same page over and over.

I was able to login with firefox a few days ago.

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Message 5686 - Posted: 9 Jul 2004, 17:06:30 UTC
Last modified: 9 Jul 2004, 17:09:21 UTC

The site uses cookies, make sure your cookies are enabled

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Message 5811 - Posted: 9 Jul 2004, 21:31:44 UTC
Last modified: 9 Jul 2004, 21:32:22 UTC

Also try manually clearing your browser's cache. Tools | Options | Privacy | Cache. I've had a couple pages get something bad jammed up in the firefox cache before, and nearly drive me insane before it dawns on me to try manually clearing it - always fixes it right up. For some reason, if it gets a corrupt page in the cache, it doesn't seem to cycle past it very well.


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Message 7985 - Posted: 14 Jul 2004, 20:01:09 UTC

No Problems with Firefox 0.8 here
Make sure you enabled (and didn't block) cookies for this site

Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Firefox login problem ?

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