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lockedNetwork routing problems have been fixed
46 Jeff Cobb 20946 961 days ago
locked"Are We Alone?" The Great Debate
157 Profile Matt Lebofsky 54103 981 days ago
lockedstorage service is back up
183 Jeff Cobb 47723 1017 days ago
lockedmore data on the way
68 Jeff Cobb 24927 1019 days ago
lockedAllen Telescope Array Hibernation
52 Profile Matt Lebofsky 21340 1044 days ago
lockedMore problems with workunit storage server...
21 Eric Korpela 24329 1059 days ago
lockedMicrodonations through Flattr.
11 Eric Korpela 15160 1142 days ago
lockedGreen Bank Telescope observations to start Saturday.
67 Eric Korpela 23876 1145 days ago
lockedwork generation temporarily halted (update)
125 Jeff Cobb 29877 1150 days ago
lockedPassing of a setizen.
19 Eric Korpela 16233 1158 days ago
lockedHere's the press release for current GBT observations:
24 Profile Matt Lebofsky 16185 1160 days ago
lockedWorkunit Shortage
54 Profile Matt Lebofsky 24115 1163 days ago
lockedChange of management at Arecibo.
7 Eric Korpela 11219 1163 days ago
lockedSETI@home is back online
80 Profile Matt Lebofsky 29778 1261 days ago
lockedHappy New Year from SETI@home
37 Profile Matt Lebofsky 18323 1267 days ago
lockedNew Thesis
13 Profile Matt Lebofsky 17927 1306 days ago
lockedArecibo Observatory Repair Status
66 Profile Matt Lebofsky 32540 1306 days ago
lockedDr. Masaki Morimoto, Japanese SETI pioneer, has died.
14 Eric Korpela 16397 1325 days ago
lockedThe project is down while we remodel our database servers.
55 Jeff Cobb 32247 1367 days ago
lockedDon Backer has passed away.
25 Eric Korpela 21619 1389 days ago
lockedNew Paper on the NTPCkr and RFI Rejection
6 Jeff Cobb 10378 1441 days ago
lockedNew Paper Describing Berkeley SETI Instruments
3 Jeff Cobb 8566 1442 days ago
lockedItalian IRC channel
3 Profile David Anderson 8938 1482 days ago
lockedThe Great Debate - video now available
5 Profile Matt Lebofsky 10802 1499 days ago
lockedInterview on
4 Profile David Anderson 8608 1537 days ago
lockedVideo on making a desktop supercomputer
38 Profile David Anderson 29891 1548 days ago
lockedDesigner of the Arecibo telescope has passed away.
18 Eric Korpela 17959 1609 days ago
lockedWe started sending out our annual year-end donation drive mass e-mail
17 SETI News 19914 1620 days ago
lockedThe connectivity problem noted yesterday turned out to be one of our switches and not the router. We swapped in a replacement switch today and connectivity was restored.
62 SETI News 27968 1621 days ago
lockedOur router, which connects all of our data servers to the Internet, is down
5 SETI News 12359 1644 days ago
lockedItalian radio interview
2 Profile David Anderson 10801 1676 days ago
lockedSETI@home Project Scientist Eric Korpela has posted an FAQ and comments about the forced resignation at Higley Unified School District in Arizona
0 SETI News 8015 1702 days ago
lockedSETI@home is recognized as a landmark event in The History of the Internet.
1 SETI News 5750 1719 days ago
lockedWe have been in the process of transitioning parts of our data pipeline
1 SETI News 5304 1733 days ago
lockedWelcome to SETI.IR, a new web site for SETI@home participants in Iran and other Persian-speaking countries.
1 SETI News 5221 1738 days ago
lockedThe UC Berkeley Astronomy Department is holding a Telescope Building Workshop and Star Party on October 23 at 7pm in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy
1 SETI News 5448 1745 days ago
lockedSETI@home Project Scientist Eric Korpela discusses life in the universe in Galactic Watercooler Podcast #190
1 SETI News 5202 1747 days ago
lockedAn article in PCWorld, 12 Worthy Causes Seek Your Spare PC Cycles, describes BOINC and 12 projects that use it, including [url=http://www.pcworld
1 SETI News 6310 1792 days ago
lockedThe Space Sciences Lab at UC Berkeley (which is where SETI@home resides) recently celebrated its 50 anniversary.
1 SETI News 4839 1793 days ago
lockedFacebook users: check out the BOINC Milestones app.
1 SETI News 5328 1793 days ago
lockedHere's a fun slideshow/article in Network World about BOINC and various other BOINC projects.
1 SETI News 4597 1796 days ago
lockedAn article in The Star[/url] (New Zealand) tells how a 14-year-old arranged to run SETI@home on 90 computers at his school.
1 SETI News 5177 1808 days ago
lockedWe are proud to announce the very first publicly available output of the Near-Time Persistency Checker (a process which ranks the statistical interest of points on the sky)
1 SETI News 5585 1808 days ago
lockedThe SETI@Netherlands team is hosting a 10th anniversary Gauntlet
1 SETI News 4424 1815 days ago
lockedWe updated the master page, which contains information/links about all of U.C
1 SETI News 4983 1817 days ago
lockedIn case anybody missed them (links were posted elsewhere on this site), here are videos of all the talks given during the SETI@home 10 Year Anniversary celebration in May.
1 SETI News 4846 1828 days ago
lockedThe web site of the Paddy's in Space team is newly renovated.
1 SETI News 4670 1833 days ago
lockedThe Institution of Engineering and Technology has posted an article about volunteer computing in astronomy.
1 SETI News 4331 1845 days ago
lockedWe updated the SERENDIP web site, now containing information about our recent trip to Arecibo (to install the new instrument and do some testing).
1 SETI News 4323 1859 days ago
lockedHere's a video of Dan Werthimer giving a short talk about SETI@home at the Maker Faire Bay Area (on May 30th, 2009)
1 SETI News 4709 1873 days ago

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